High River's very own Sheryl Malinowski has powerlifted her way to the top.

Malinowski just competed at an event on April 23 where she was unstoppable.

In the Women's Open category she went nine for nine in squats, bench press and dead lift.

"So, what that means is for every squat, bench and deadlift you get three attempts to get the numbers that you want to get.  And not only that so then I could also get national records and I did that, so I had fourth attempts for those national records and they have to be verified before I can say that for sure I got those numbers.  And then that qualified me for nationals in August and I also qualified for the North American competition in Illinois in November."

And talk about power.

"My squat was 302 pounds, and I can bench 190 pounds and my dead lift was 365 pounds."

Sheryl Malinowski in action at recent power lifting event in Nisku, ABSheryl Malinowski in action at recent power lifting event in Nisku, AB

Malinowski says she took up the sport just a few years ago.

"I wanted to lose weight but then it became I wasn't even worried about the scale anymore, I was worried about the weight I was putting on the bar.  And that was the next accomplishment, the next week it was another pound, the next week it was five.  You know, so just that mental strength that I also gained and that is what happened when I started competing as well."

Malinowski is also part of a relatively new local non-profit group, the High River Lifting Club and would like a space all power lifters to meet and develop together.  You can find more info on their Facebook group 'High River Community Lifting Club'.