Money donated in Okotoks, stays in Okotoks.

This is the case for the Okotoks United Way partnership where any money raised in the Town will go back towards local organizations.

This past year the organization was able to help 10 local groups.

Ed Sands, Okotoks Town Councillor, says there's a great need for the United Way's assistance.

"It's really important to donate to the United Way right now because with the provincial government downloading on social services-type causes we're finding more and more demand locally," he says.

Sands says despite the large sum that was distributed in Okotoks, all requests for funding weren't able to be met.

"We donated $84, 800 this year but we were $50, 000 short. There were more demands than we actually had funds for."

Sands says donations can be made to the Okotoks United Way partnership at