The Town of High River's Parks Department is out and about during the summer months concentrating on weed and pest management.

Parks supervisor, Tannas Webb says crews are carrying out pest management procedures to remove weeds and insects from trees and green spaces.

"Well right now we're spraying a number of trees in town for Elm Scale, Woolly Aphid and Cottony Psyllid," she says "We are also controlling some of the weeds on some of the dikes with herbicides."

She says using herbicides and pesticides is done with careful consideration.

"We try different things, like mechanical, which is pruning out disease or insects and we also use high pressure sprays, but sometimes we just can't keep a head of it and so we want to make sure that our urban forest is amazing for everybody to enjoy'" Webb says.

Crews will also be maintaining the Town Dike next to George Lane Park and the Northwest Dike by hand pulling weeds, mowing and in selected cases using herbicide, but it won't be used on the side facing the river.

Webb says the town doesn't want to contribute to invasive weeds and pests in the community.

Signs will be posted asking residents to keep their vehicles away from trees so crews can do their work.