The Town of Okotoks is putting a special spin on Canada's 148th Birthday.

For the second straight year, the Town will partake in a multi-cultural celebration this Canada Day.

Town of Okotoks Community Events Coordinator Mark Doherty says you can expect alot at this year's celebrations.

"There will be the Taste of the World event," he says. "12 countries are represented, so you get a food sample from each country. Last year we fed close to 2500 people, that portion starts at noon and will run till all the food runs out."

Doherty says the events will take place at the Okotoks Rec Centre that will include bouncy castles and face painting along with a great entertainment.

"We got great stage entertainment, it's multi-cultural," he says. "We start with our Aboriginal dancers, we have Irish dancers, just a really good mix of entertainment lined up."

Doherty says once the day events have concluded the fun is not over, as there will be plenty of fireworks to cap off Canada Day at Seaman Stadium.

The fireworks at Seaman Stadium following the Dawgs game proves to be the perfect cap to Canada Celebrations in Okotoks each year.

"The people's favourite is the fireworks following the Dawgs game," he says. "It goes off after the Dawgs play, if they go into extra innings don't blame the Dawgs, they're trying to win it for our hometown crowd. John Collins our local pyrotech has promised us a great show.

For a full list of Canada Day celebrations being provided by the town visit the link here.

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