There's a lot of rumours flying around about Tim Horton's setting up shop in Nanton.

Town CAO Kevin Miller says the rumours are true.

"We've got a development permit application that's been received from them," he says. "It's incomplete at this time and what that means is they haven't supplied all the information that we need to go through and evaluate their application against our land use bylaw. But there are the initial talks going on about it."

Miller says they've received a development permit application for a franchise, but he says it's also created a little controversy among residents who are concerned over the idea of a "chain store" coming to town.

"There are a few people that do see the large chain store as being almost a detraction from small town charm," he says. "On the other hand though, most of the feedback we've received on this has been very positive."

He says council will have to seriously look at the owners plans to keep the impact of traffic around the store to a minimum, particularly with a very busy Highway 2 running through the centre of town.

"That's probably going to be the most critical issue that we look at as we go through their application and as they complete it," he says.

Miller says there's still several steps the owner's will have to go through before coffee fans can order a "double-double."

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