The High River RCMP want to get the message out that they're open for business.

Staff Sergeant Robin Alexander says it's frustrating at times when people don't give them a call in a timely manner.

"We've had a couple of incidents recently here where people from town have seen suspicious activity and only after, sometimes several hours after the fact, are we aware of this and find ourselves, in one case, we're investigating a break-in into a residence," he says. "We have had some recent success in people calling in suspicious activity and we managed to solve a number of break-ins out in the rural area when somebody called something in that just didn't look quite right and that led to us being able to solve a number of property crimes not only in the High River area but in the Calgary urban area as well."

He says in that case the neighbours called the landlord when they noticed a truck coming and going from a residence, the landlord called his tenant who was working in Saskatchewan and by the time RCMP were called it was all over.

He reminds people who see something that doesn't seem right to call them 24 hours a day at 652-2356 on their complaint line and they'll get to it as quickly as they can.

If they see a crime in progress call 9-1-1.