Whether or not we love the heat, it can take its toll.

Not just on us, but on crops around the Foothills, with temperatures in Southern Alberta already hitting the 30 degree mark.

Vulcan Country Agriculture Manager Kelly Malmberg says the hot weather could be a problem for farmers.

"We had some spotty showers last week, but this heat could do a real number on the crops. As long as the wind stays down, which could make it worse. But we're struggling for moisture, anyone who got it may hang on, but this heat's going to be interesting to say the least."

Malmberg says if farmers have enough soil moisture they should be ok providing this heat doesn't last too long, or we get some more rain.

He says the real danger comes in a protracted heat wave.

Malmberg says even those looking to beat the heat by taking a dip in a couple of local lakes will be out of luck.

"Alberta Environment just issued a blue/green algae alert on the Lower Little Bow (near Lomond) and Twin Valley Reservoirs (East of Parkland). There's signage up, and anyone boating this weekend. Be aware that blue/green algae has bloomed during the heat, along with the low water levels, so that's another thing we'll have to be dealing with."

The department says they'll issue a heat warning if the temperature reaches 40 degrees.