A Canada Day Day tradition is going to be just a little bit bigger today at Seaman Stadium.

Around 500 thousand times bigger.

In what is expected to be another complete sell-out for the Okotoks Dawgs' Canada Day game against the Moose Jaw Miller Express, they organization will honour one of their fans as a special milestone in the team's history.

Dawgs Vice President of Promotions and Special Events Will Gardner says it's quite a feat for the community and the stadium.

"We will be welcoming the 500 thousandth fan to come through the gates at Seaman Stadium since we open those few short years ago," he says. "An incredible event all-round, just so gratified that the community chooses to be here."

With around 5000 fans expected at tonight's game Gardner says there's no better place to spend Canada Day.

"It the place in the Foothills corridor to celebrate the greatest nation on earth," he says. "Gather with 5000 of your closest friends, be at Seaman Stadium unbelievable afternoon, then following the excitement of the game, that unbelievable fireworks extravaganza."

Gardner says the Dawgs' can't wait to find that 500 thousandth fan and celebrate.

"To take moment to acknowledge that fan that will be selected as they come through and they'll be the 500 thousandth fan to reach that milestone is just unbelievable.

Canada Day is capped off with fireworks and the fireworks will be under the watch of local pro-technic John Collins.

First pitch is 7:05 and the fireworks will start when the game is complete.

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