The Longview 4H Beef Club is all set to auction off their steers this holiday Monday.

The 22nd annual Show and Sale takes place in the arena on the High River Ag grounds.

Ross Lewis with the club is very grateful for all the local support.

"We had our charity steer donated to us by Ralph and Wade Nelson over there at the Highwood Valley Ranch. And Reid Snodgrass when he found out what was going on he wanted to be part of the action, so we thank him too. And Lorne and Shiela Cannon, they volunteered to donate the feed. We're going to sell that steer on Monday the 20th. We're going to lead off the sale with him. We're going to sell him and we're going to see how much money we can get. We hit 46 grand last year and we're going to shoot for a little bit more this year."

It sounds like it will be a long day for all involved.

"Well, the day starts pretty early in the morning. We're going to weigh our steers in at 8 o'clock and then the kids are going to spend a few hours getting their steers ready, prepped up, and prettied up for their show. We're going to have multi-judging at 11, the show starts at 2 with their steers, heifers, their cow-calf pairs. And then at 5 o'clock, everyone's welcome, we're going to have a little dinner and then we're going to start the sale at 6."

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Look for top dollar from this year's steer auction.