The Highwood Centre in downtown High River wants a new sound system.

They've needed one for quite some time and they now have a five-year plan in place with phase one starting this year.

Highwood Memorial Society Board Chair Tim Whitford is looking forward to the plan coming to fruition.

"So, we'll be putting in a professional quality audio system with about forty inputs so that we can cater to music events or live theatre events where they want to use body mics and replace all of the speakers which are many, many years old."

The Highwood Centre operates as a non-profit group and is selling 50/50 raffle tickets to raise money.

"They're $5 each or 3 for $10. They're available at the Centre or from any board member. The draw date is August 15th."

The deadline to purchase tickets is August 13.

Whitford shares that they have some exciting plans in the work for the next four phases.

"We have a five-year program outlined. The audio system is the focus this year. Next year will be a fully modern stage lighting system which will replace all the existing spotlights with current technology so the spotlights can be manipulated from an iPad type of device.  That is probably going to be a little more expensive because it feeds into the third year of the project which will be a combined lighting and audio control booth. So, some of the wiring costs that would be required for that are actually in the cost of purchasing the system. Then in the fourth year, we have a major overhaul on the stage in the Centre which is getting a little springy. And definitely, we would like to expose it and make sure there's a concrete structure underneath it that used to house a large steam boiler that kept the place warm. There's a chance to inspect that as well as put in a quality flooring system for performances."

Tickets for the 50/50 raffle officially went on sale during the Little Britches Parade on Saturday, May 18.