High River firefighters were called in to help across the province during last year's wildfires.

They took trucks and equipment to aid in the firefighting efforts in Fox Creek, Yellowhead County, Edson, Hay River and the Northwest Territories.

Fire Chief Cody Zebedee says they'll be hosting a wildland-urban interface training program with about 80 other firefighters this month.

"Basically, what it does is it goes through sprinkler-protecting homes and wildfire tactics and all things wildfire that gives our staff a really good understanding to make sure they can keep safe out there in that type of environment," he says.

On Saturday, March 23, there'll be about 80 students from different communities and on Sunday, March 24, there'll be a smaller class taking the new tools and the things they've learned and putting them to use in George Lane Park.

He says the park will be open but there will be barricades up to keep traffic out of the park and they want the public to be aware of the personnel and equipment that will be there.


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