Crystal Ridge Golf Club has opted out of a cell phone tower installation on their land. 

The club was approached by Evolve Wireless late last year, wanting to put a cell phone tower on their property.

After talking with the ownership of the club, they decided to put the vote out to the Okotoks community. 

Christian Meyer, General Manager, says the community is the most important thing to them. 

"Everybody's voice is important, especially in small communities like this. It's important for your voices to be heard and to have an impact on what's going on." 

Meyer says he hopes that when Freedom Mobile reaches out to put a tower in Okotoks that they will put it in an area where it won't disturb residents. 

Crystal Ridge had a positive reaction from the community once they posted the decision not to move ahead with the tower installation. 

"We just did a quick post on Facebook just to let the people know that there wasn't anything to worry about and that we weren't going to go through with it." Meyer said. 

Meyer adds they are hoping to open their greens soon to the community and they are looking forward to a spectacular 2018 season. 

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