Everyone is hyped about tonight and how could they not be? This is something AB hockey fans have been waiting to see for the last 31 years. 

Tonight, May 18th, we get to watch Calgary vs Edmonton in round two of the NHL playoffs and game one of the Battle of Alberta, play-off edition! 

So I wanted to let you know some cool spots you can check out in our area to get the full battle effect! 

1. The George Traditional House - Delicious wings AND for a price you can't beat! The game will be on every TV, and there are a lot of them, so you won't miss a second of playoff hockey! 

2. Hub Town Brewing -  These guys always go big and they do it well! Check out the game right in downtown Okotoks and have a game for yourself with their new corn-hole setup. Corn-hole and Stanley Cup playoffs? Ya, you'd see a whole new competitive side of me in this atmosphere! lol. 

3. Big Beaver Brewing - They're the new kids on the scene but they know how to have a great time! Great beer, A HUGE projector screen to catch the game, and Big Beaver merch for fans of both teams! Check out Big Beaver Brewing for game one tonight! 

Okay, so this last place sold out QUICK! But it's too cool not to share! And who knows, if there is a game 5, 6 or 7 they'll probably bring it back, so be ready! (But let's be real, it's FLAMES in 4! lol okay, realistically, Flames in 6!) 

5. Telus Spark Centre - You can watch the game in the 360 dome! It's like you're in the Saddledome but make it science! Cool hey! So if you're interested stay ready for your chance to get tickets to any game past game 4! 

Obviously, we want to give love to ALL of our local businesses who are showing the games and providing hockey fans with a great night out! But these are just some of the places I stumbled across and wanted to share with you! 

Either way, you'll have a great time wherever you watch!


~ Shayne