With the crazy change of weather in High River, the taking down of the Christmas lights at George Lane Park has been moved from Saturday March 23 to April 6.

Kathy and Chad Lambourn, who are with the High River Parade and Lights Society talked about how the cold weather and snow make it impossible for the lights to be removed in a safe manner.

"Pretty much every display we have at the park is anchored with rebar. It's pounded into the ground maybe about 6 inches, so we really have to wait for the initial frost to get off the ground. As well as the cords are immersed in that freeze, thaw cycle," Kathy said.

"With all the beautiful big trees in the park, the sun doesn't always get through to all of our displays. We actually have to wait for warmer temperatures, otherwise the cords are frozen in ice."

The Lambourn's took the role of putting up the Christmas lights and taking them down this year and moving forward, to help Ted Dawson, the founder of the park lights who has put in many years of bringing the Christmas spirit to High River. Kathy and Chad joked mentioning when Dawson was looking for help, he wanted someone who has the community and Christmas spirit, Kathy with the community spirit and Chad with the Christmas spirit.

"With the guidance of Ted, he has been by our side this year. He's not going anywhere, he is still our go-to man," she said.

"We will keep him in our little pocket until he doesn't want to be there."

The Lambourn's also mentioned that they have had a lot of help from over 70 volunteers, including some high school students in the town.

"It was really awesome to see these students come out, and then we placed them with volunteers that have been here for a long time. Them working side-by-side with Rotary who plays a big part with the lights in the park, the Kinsmen Club, the Lions Club, all the service clubs that come and help. These young kids that we are getting that are working side-by-side with all these group, it is so heartwarming to be able see these kids being a part of the community and being proud to be a part of it as well."

The students who helped out also got a credit towards their schooling and were supplied with Timbits and hot chocolate. The Lambourn's also made sure to have toques and gloves for those that came a little unprepared.

"We are excited that we got some younger people coming out, the group that has been committed to doing this for the last 10 to 15 years are tremendous people. But what we are seeing is there is obviously a reason Ted asked us to get involved. No one gets younger with each passing day, and he needed to find a successor," Chad said.

For anyone that wants to help take down lights they are encouraged to follow their social media on Facebook with the High River Lights and Parade Society or email the Chad and Kathy at lambourn@shaw.ca. No volunteers will be turned away and they will find a job for anyone who shows up.