Having fireworks and Canada Day celebrations just go hand in hand.

But if you're not careful or don't have a permit to shoot them off it could lead to accidents or fires.

If you are wanting to use fireworks this summer there are a few restrictions to follow up on.

Okotoks Fire Chief Ken Thevenot says you need to let the fire department know you're planning to fire them off.

"No person shall purchase possess, handle, discharge fireworks or sell off fireworks unless there's written permission by our fire service," he says.

Thevenot says the fire department is not refraining people from having fireworks and says the permission permit is not hard to acquire.

"Just come down to the fire station and ask for a permit ," he says. "we'll go through exactly what they want to do and we can go through the permit process and we can advise them how to fill it out properly and what the end result will be," he says.

He says even with a permit in hand, there are some safety hazards that need to be accessed for discharging.

"It's not in a dry grassy area, there's water entinguishers on hand, there's no overhead lines," he says. "The weather is condusive to setting off fireworks, wind direction is another and wind speed of course is another big factor."

Thevenot says residents save themselves the trouble of preparing their own fireworks and just enjoy the ones that will on hand at the Okotoks Dawgs game on Canada Day prepared by local pyro technic John Collins.

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