Highwood MLA Wayne Anderson has filed a formal complaint with Elections Alberta over his concerns with the October UCP nomination vote in the Highwood Riding.

Anderson says the rules have changed since the last election, with the governing NDP tightening the rules around nomination contests, which used to be strictly the domains of the individual parties.

"This is probably the first time Elections Alberta has had authority over nominations. So I noticed some discrepancies, so I contacted them and had a fairly lengthy conversation with some of the executives there and then in doing so, they suggested I file a formal complaint, which is what I've done. Now, we won't know the results for a while and I don't want to go into any details. But, I'm assuming pretty soon the details will be coming out and we'll see what Elections Alberta comes up with with their ruling."

Anderson joins fellow nominee Carrie Fisher who had also filed a complaint with the party executive over her concerns around the nomination vote.

Anderson says he hasn't seen any response from the Party.

"What's interesting is that, you know, other candidates have complained and filed formal grievances. Nobody from the Party has contacted me directly regarding the other candidates complaints."

The Party ruled Fischer's complaint didn't have enough evidence, but she is considering an appeal.

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