The fall session of Legislature is officially closed.

The Alberta Government House Leader, Jason Nixon is boasting a successful session saying over 160 commitments were met.

"Since we formed government seven months ago, 162 of our platform commitments have been met or are substantially underway." He says "That's 163 promises in just 219 days."

Nixon says he's very proud of his government and colleagues who have worked tirelessly to fix issues they say were caused by the previous NDP government.

"We've been accused by some of even doing too much, I think that's exactly what Albertan's elected us to do. We promised to repeal the NDP's punitive carbon tax on Alberta's families, to bring in the job creation tax cut that economists project could create up to 58,000 new full time private sector jobs and grow the economy over 2 per cent."

In the past several months, the UCP government have passed the open for business act, the red tape reduction law, appointed a red tape reduction minister, created the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation among many others.

Nixon says despite the closing of legislature, his government will continue to work hard.

"We are working tirelessly to rebuild and renew the Alberta advantage and hold strong to our promise of jobs, the economy and pipelines and we are just getting started."

Some of the highly criticized bills of the fall session were Bill 22, which eliminated the Elections Commissioner position, The Farm Freedom and Safety Act which the opposition says endangers farm workers rights to minimum wage, and a very controversial budget which saw cuts to municipal funding, and has lead to education and health care lay offs as well.

Nixon says despite the heavy criticisms from both the NDP and their supporters, the tone in legislature is still positive and respectful.

"I'm happy to talk about the tone in legislature, I am very proud of Government Caucasus and the tone they took inside this legislature. They have remained disciplined and Premier Jason Kenney has done an incredible job of bringing decorum back to this legislature." He does mention "If there's any decorum issues within this legislature it falls on the official opposition who at some points have had to apologize for their members four or five times in a row within the chamber."

The fall session of legislature closed on Wednesday, December 4.


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