Incumbent Highwood UCP MLA RJ Sigurdson has been re-elected.

The unofficial results as of election night show Sigurdson with a sizable lead over fellow candidates Jessica Hallam and Mike Lorusso, with close to 18,000 for Sigurdson.

He extended thanks to his team, Highwood voters, and the other candidates.

"I'm happy to have my support of the Highwood residents again to be that strong voice for them in the legislative assembly. Of course, as always, I want to thank my campaign team, and notably, the two other candidates for being a part of the democratic process and stepping in. It's not an easy task to do, so I appreciate them. It's an important part of our system that a lot of people fought for, so it's great that they stepped up."

Sigurdson spent his election night surrounded by family, his campaign team, and Highwood constituents at The George in Okotoks, the same venue he celebrated his initial election in 2019.

He felt a lot of the same emotions wash over him as he did four years ago.

"A lot of the feelings are the same. You can never get over the fact that people put a lot of faith and trust in you to be their representative in the legislative assembly, that's something I hold very near and dear. It's something I'm very respectful of and understand that that is a great responsibility. I also want to make sure I do everything I can to continue to earn the trust of the people here, to continue to be that strong voice for Highwood. Of course, the second time around, the learning curve is much different. This time around I know I'm ready to get right back to work and continue moving Alberta forward."

That work includes his time as Parliamentary Secretary for EMS Reform, a role he'd be eager to reprise.

"I would hope that with a lot of the successes we've had with MES in bringing down response times, the dramatic decrease of red alerts, a lot of the work that was done through the APAC committee, I would be very excited if a UCP government is back for another four years and if Premier Smith asked me to continue that work. It's something I'm very passionate about."

Sigurdson garnered 17,992 votes while Jessica Hallam of the NDP had 7,553 votes and Wildrose Independent Party candidate Mike Larusso had 579 votes.