One day until our auction goes live!

I don't know about you but with it being Spring and all it really makes me want to not only do a spring clean but just revamp my home from the winter blues in general.

If you too are looking for a little bit of an update or make over if you will, you should check out our online auction!

Our auction boasts items that will give your home a fresh new look and did I mention these items start off at 60% off their retail price? 

Here are some items for the home that I have on my list:

- $200 Towards Window & Siding Cleaning from Foothills Cleaners - it's lovely when your home looks amazing on the inside but how nice is it when you pull up to your place after a hard days work and it looks all shiny and new from the outside as well! 

- Lueras Bedroom Suite ($4,025 value) from Furniture Villa - I feel like we tend to put our bedroom last when it comes to the home, we make sure every other room is put together for ourselves or our guests. But it's an amazing feeling when your room is your favorite place in the house and with this set it would be! And hey if you already love your room, complete the spare bedroom with this lovely set! 

Lueras Bedroom Suite from Furniture Villa

- Monument Liquid Propane BBQ from Home Hardware High River - BBQ Season is around the corner! Need I say more!? Host all of those BBQ's that we missed out on over the last two summers with a new grill from Home Hardware! 

Monument Liquid Propane BBQ from Home Hardware.

- Valore Click Vinyl Plank (780 Sq. ft.) from Simply Floors - Did the dogs scratch the floor? Did the kids scratch the floor? Did you scratch the floor? Well, this is your chance to update! And a new floor does wonders for the ENTIRE space. So treat yourself with this beautiful warm flooring. 

Valore Click Vinyl Plank from Simply Floors.

- $200 gift Certificate from Painters Corner and Flooring - I don't know about you but I've stared at my walls so much over the last two years, I am SO ready for a paint job! I've also looked at a lot of Pinterest over the last two years so I'm SO SO ready to do some DIY paint projects, if you're the same this gift certificate is for you! 

There ya go, a little rundown on what I'd be eyeing in our auction! But I'm also eyeing up everything...because once's 60% off it's retail price! 

So, get pre-registered today so when tomorrow, March 23rd, rolls around you'll be ready to BID, BID, BID!

Click HERE to pre-register.

~ Shayne 

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