Who doesn't need a little inspiration in their life these days?

A nice little daily uplifting from a book of poems sounds lovely, and that's exactly what Leonard Quilty, Christ the Redeemer School Division teacher and author, provides in his seventh book and third book of poems; 'The Secret to Happiness: Micro Poems for a Macro Life'.

Leonard joined me in studio and we talked everything from where he draws his inspiration, how he uses his own work to teach his students and what he hopes readers take away from his poetry. 

A poem from Leonard's book.

The east coast poet, who now calls the Foothills home, was an absolute joy to talk to and I look forward to reading, and reflecting on, my own copy of 'The Secret to Happiness: Micro Poems for a Micro Life', thanks Leonard! 

Checkout the full interview below and if you'd like your own copy of Leonard's latest work, click HERE.

~ Shayne