Kolten and Keegan Davis embarked on their annual Ride Along late last week.

The brothers (five and three years old) are once again participating in the Great Cycle Challenge, raising money for the SickKids Foundation.

This is Kolten's third year, with Keegan having joined last year.

The Ride Along goes hand in hand with Kolten's annual participation in the Great Cycle Challenge, with a Ride Along having taken place during all three years.

It involves Kolten and Keegan, along with their parents Tasha and Matthew, escorting a procession of motorcycles through town starting in the rec centre parking lot and ending the trip at the ice cream shop, Big Dipper.

Riding the motorcycles are members of Bikers Are Buddies, a non-profit anti-bullying awareness group.

An Okotoks Fire Department firetruck was also in the mix, ensuring the group had a clear path.

Davis ride along 2022

Also in attendance were members of the Byerley family.

Kolten and Keegan are dedicating this year's campaign to Kolten Byerley, a 13-year-old Okotokian who was found to have a golfball-sized tumour on his brain.

The brothers were able to meet Kolton, his brother Weston, and their mother Rae-Lynn for the first time before the Ride Along.

Tasha says it was a beautiful sight.

"For our boys to meet Kolton with an O, it was pretty special. They thought it was awesome to finally meet the face that they're riding for, that they speak of so often. It was all around an amazing event. Emotional, heartwarming, just fantastic."

The Byerleys rode along with the procession, albeit in a truck.

Kolten and Keegan will be working hard to finish their intended 300 km by the end of the month, though the hot weather has gotten in the way a little bit.

They've been taking shorter trips and have a few precautions to keep cool.

"When you're out riding you don't pack water, you pack ice! The little backpacks the boys wear, they're hydro packs, so the ice at least keeps them cooled off while they ride," says Tasha.

Kolten and Keegan's Great Cycle Challenge page lists their funds raised this year as just below $8,500 (so far.)