Get ready to make a bunch of wishes this week because we're going to catch a lot of "shooting stars" here in the Foothills. 

Though the highly anticipated annual Perseids meteor shower kicks off mid July and puts on a show until the end of August, it's going to be in it's peak this week!

It's been predicted by the International Meteor Organization that Albertans will see the most amount of meteorites streak across the night sky August 12th to the 13th. 

So get your wishes ready! 

Stargazers will also get a good glance at the last super moon of the year but are being warned that it might unfortunately affect seeing the Perseids at it's 'best'.

However, with 50-100 meteors falling an hour, viewers are bound to see something! 

So, escape the city lights, enjoy some fresh air and take in the show! 


(We've had a lot of night activity here in the Foothills this week! These were sent in by J Lou De Veyra, the Northern Lights and Aurora STEVE!) 

Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Borealis.