200 flags were planted this past weekend to show off some national pride and provide some support for the community. 

The first weekend for the Okotoks Rotary Club Flag Program was a success with the red and white maple leaf flying in communities across the town.

Getting its start in High River the program came to Okotoks here residents can subscribe and buy in to have a flag displayed in their yard. Installed by Rotarians and friends for the May, July and September long weekends.

Rotarian with the Club Jeff Foss says they are overjoyed with the response from the community 

"We originally thought we would be able to sell maybe 100 flags and we quickly sold those and we made a decision to make another hundred and this last weekend we sold out. So we've got all 200 flags out there now."

They had some community help with Quigley Electric supplying the flag poles as well as support from the welding class at the Foothills Composite High School. 

Foss adds they had a dozen volunteers out planting flags and connecting with the residents. 

"We had a lot of great conversations with Okotokians and people wanted to know a little bit more about where the money was going to go, where we were going to grow the program to in terms of numbers of flags in the future and also a little bit of bragging rights. We heard a little bit of that."

He says without a doubt Cimarron had the most flags in Okotoks followed by the Crystal and Drake Landing communities.

The money raised goes to the Okotoks Rotary Club and in turn, back into the community.

"We basically have three buckets. We have our Youth Services bucket and we have our community services bucket and then finally our international services bucket. So this will go into the first two. So Youth Services and Community services."

The Club provides funding for the annual Soap Box Derby, Leaders of Tomorrow recognition, Rotary Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp and helps fund projects like the Inclusive Playground Shelter.

They will be back out planting flags again for the week of Canada Day. 


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