Residents of Okotoks will now be able to request a garden space in their neighbourhood.

The Okotoks Neighbourhood Community Garden program is the result of a growing demand for community gardens in the town. 

This program will be community-led and operated says Sian Anderson, community wellness specialist. 

"The resident that is requesting a garden space would be someone who is really passionate and invested and really wants to be involved in community gardening in their neighbourhood. They would be the one who would be helping to operate and manage that garden as they go forward. Sorting out the guidelines, and being the ones who set the tone for that neighbourhood garden space and be maintaining it on the ongoing basis with support from the town of Okotoks."

The program is open to all Town of Okotoks residents and requests can be submitted through the town's website.

Anderson says they will be reviewing every application that comes in. 

"Each space would be looked at on a case-by-case situation and we would like to see firstly, does a community garden space fit in that area or are we able to make that space be used for community gardening? And if not, is there an alternative location close by that we could look at instead."

Anderson is excited to see the program come to life with the help of residents. 

"The real benefit of this program and how we've designed it is that it can be flexible, and it can be adapted to meet the needs of the neighbourhood in which a garden space is being requested."

All applications need to be received by November 30th of each year to be built for the following growing season. The process for applying, planning and constructing a new community garden could take from 18 to 24 months. 

Details on the Okotoks Neighbourhood Community Garden program can be found on their website.


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