I am loving all the different ways we can give back this holiday season!

If you're making it a priority to donate this Christmas make sure to add 'Baby it's Cold Outside' to your list.

The work they do is so heartwarming and you'll definitely want to be apart of it.

This year they have their Christmas Feast and they'll need all the help/donations that they can get to provide for the families that struggled most through 2020.

Last year they fed 31 families, a total of 139 individuals which included 68 children, so I'm sure we will be seeing an increase in numbers this year!

And that's why they need your help. 😊

I caught up with Pamela Morgan, President and Founder of BCO, and she let us in on how to help:

What I personally love about BCO is that they go above and beyond to cater to these families, they don't provide just any dinner, they provide the family with THEIR xmas dinner:

And like Pamela mentioned, we're Stuffin our Pali-sleigh FULL of toys this year for BCO so drop them off at the Eagle 100.9 station to make sure every child wakes to presents under the tree this xmas! (thanks South Trail Hyundai for the Sleigh!😋)

To nominate a person or family contact BCO via email or text: bcohelp@hotmail.com or 403-660-3648. (you can also volunteer your time!)

And lastly, to adopt a family click HERE, they have found it costs about $80 - $100 to feed a family of 5 if you're interested.

Let's look after each other this year. 😇

Happy Holidays Y'all!