More Affordable Housing For Okotoks Seniors


Tudor Manor under construction on Sandstone Drive, just up behind the No Frills grocery store in Okotoks


The province is helping to provide more supportive living spaces for Okotoks' seniors.

It has just awarded $5,223,544 to the Brenda Strafford Foundation to add another 52 affordable units to the Tudor Manor going up along Sandstone Drive.

President and CEO Mario Siciliano says the original plan was that 100 units would be affordable and the remaining 52 would be private. However, with a waiting list of over 200 people, it`s clearly something that`s needed. "We had looked at those individuals on the list and by far the vast, vast majority were all looking for the affordable assisted living, so we know that the demand was there."

"Alberta Health Services also made it very clear that the demand for services at that level was very high in the area and so we're very pleased that we were able to get this capital assistance," he says.

He explains, "affordable" means rent is capped off at the long-term care rate of $1,700/month. "17-hundred dollars a month pays for everything. It pays for the room, it pays for all your three meals. It pays for house keeping services, laundry service, as well as a limited amount of nursing care and recreation programs so it's really an all inclusive number."

Siciliano says construction is just over 50-percent complete and they are hopeful they'll have residents moving in this coming June.